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Zichy Wine Family

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The premium collection of the Twickel Wine Estate is the Gróf Zichy wine family, whose name was born out of Baron Georg von Twickel's respect for his mother. These wines are made from grapes produced on the best positioned fields. We make Gróf Zichy wines exclusively from the best vintages of certain types. The low quantity per hectare is paired with intensive grape selection and tender grape processing. Wines are matured in the best barriques. Maturing in wooden casks takes at least twelve months, followed by maturing in bottles for a long time before it takes its worthy place in cuisine.

Twickel Syrah 2011
2 250 Ft
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Gróf Zichy Szekszárdi Merlot 2012
3 890 Ft  3 306 Ft
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