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0 Ft


2 015 - 2 018
Alcohol by Volume ABV
12.5 % vol - 14.5 % vol
Grape varieties
1 500 Ft - 3 260 Ft

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Kajmád Wine Family

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The gastro category of the Twickel Wine Estate is the Kajmád wine family. Youthful, energetic wines form this family, where the reserved barrique character and careful treatment of the grape guarantee the excellent wine quality. The wine family carries the special characteristics of the Szekszárd vine-growing region, as well as the historical aristocratic traditions. The name choice was not coincidental; presently Baron Georg von Twickel lives with his wife and four daughters in the Kajmád castle near Szekszárd.

Kajmád Szekszárdi Cuvée 2013
2 590 Ft
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Kajmád Szekszárdi Merlot 2011
2 950 Ft  2 507 Ft
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